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ACP Robotics
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Our Program

The ACP-Erie robotics program emphasizes student growth, arming its young engineers with valuable assets such as creativity, problem-solving skills, and responsibility. From brainstorming ideas, problem-solving hardware issues, and debugging code to budgeting, ordering parts, and ensuring that the robots are ready by competition time, the club members – high school and junior high students at ACP-Erie – take charge of all stages of the robot’s design and development.

ACP-Erie’s Robotics Club has grown rapidly in the six years since its inception. We now have four competitive teams – the Knights, Jesters, Mages, and Blacksmiths. With the associated robotics class, the ACP-Erie robotics program includes over 30 students from a campus of just under 800.

In previous years, our teams have advanced to compete in both the VRC Arizona State Championship and VEX Worlds, the prestigious, international championship competition held in Louisville, Kentucky. We strive to be even more competitive this year.



1 x State Tournament Finalists
1 x State Programming Skills Winner
1 x State Judges Award
1 x State Sportsmanship Award

5 x Excellence Award
4 x Tournament Champions
2 x Design Award
3 x Robot Skills Winner
1 x Programming Skills Winner
3 x Driver Skills Winner
3 x Judges Award
4 x Sportsmanship Award

Previous Season (In The Zone)

1 x Design Award
1 x Judges Award
1 x Sportsmanship Award

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Sponsors & Supporters

Arizona College Prep - Erie
We would like to thank Arizona College Prep - Erie for giving the Robotics Club a space to work in, as well as donating the gym to host our annual State Qualifying Tournament.